Sometimes the terminology used in different sports can be confusing. In Canada, another form of sport is being referred to as an alternative sport. This syntagma is often used synonymously with extreme or adventure sports that are practiced across Canada.

But what exactly are extreme sports in Canada? Today, we will present to you some of the most exciting sports here, some still practiced in 2020, from British Columbia all the way to the Ottawa river!

What Are Extreme Sports?

There are many different versions of sports in Canada. There is the traditional and, also, esports, that many Canadians enjoy. But when it comes to extreme sports, these are also highly desirable. They have some element of danger due to which they are being dubbed as extreme. Most of these sports are free, but here are the main type of risky activities you can expect in Canada:

  • Sports with speed
  • Activities involving heights
  • Extreme levels of exertion

For those that are looking for more information or tips and tricks about extreme sports, there is a multitude of online resources that provide all the information you need. Please search and read carefully all the details before deciding to leave the comfort of your home, especially due to the 2020 COVID crisis. With that being said, let us provide you with some information on where you can travel for extreme sports in Canada.

Adventure Sports in Canada

Canada offers a big opportunity to satisfy your needs for adrenaline. Due to its amazing and diverse landscaping, the Great White North has become a synonym for an adventure journey. Either on land or in the water, there is a high number of activities that involve danger and risks.

From paragliding to cave diving, bungee jumping, or BASE jumping, ice climbing, or ice diving, Canada has got you covered – all endorphin-filled activities can be tried in Canada if you are willing to travel. British Columbia is also a great place to travel to and enjoy some adrenaline!

Depending on the type of activity you search for, Canada offers a wide range of possibilities. You can opt for hiking a glacier or kayaking with the orcas. If you want more adrenaline rush, paragliding or cave diving are activities fit for you. And you can do them both in Canada. If you know what you want, or you wish to see where exactly are these sports practiced, then we got you covered! Here are some tips on where to travel in Canada!

River Rafting in Canada

The amazing Canadian wilderness is defined by the mighty rivers that flow through the heart of the country. There are not two rivers alike so the whole experience is different. Due to the risks involved, it is recommendable to choose from one of the tours offered by different companies. The best rivers for practicing this sport in Canada are:

Ottawa River

This river offers some of the best whitewater runs for both families and thrill-seekers. You may opt for class 2 and 3 rapids (best for beginners and families) or class 3-5 rapids which are among the most wanted challenges in this sport.

Kicking Horse River

What do you think about a 50-mile of pure adrenaline? Kicking Horse offers the best rafting experience for both beginners and experienced athletes. Class 3 and 4 rapids will surely test your courage.

Tatshenshini River

This watercourse does not have an exciting offering when it comes to rapids classed higher than 3. However, it makes up for the fantastic scenery. It represents one of the best destinations for family trips in Yukon.

The tours are ranging from a day to two weeks so you should consider it as an option to add to your holiday plan.

Fraser River

Fraser River flows near Vancouver, British Columbia, and is a great place to practice this adventure sport.

Did you know that the famous Hell’s Gate passage is one of class 3 – 4+ rapids offered by this watercourse?

All you need is to schedule a one-day trip and check out what this watercourse has to offer.

Kipawa River

Kipawa is one of the main attractions for the rafters that are visiting Quebec. 16 km of class 4 rapids, including the Hollywood run (the most difficult passage in North America), are a real excitement for those in seek of extreme fun.

Skydiving in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular places in the world where you can travel and experience the thrill and excitement of skydiving. This wild country offers a wide range of options to passionate gliders.

What can be more satisfying than viewing the magnificent landscape from above? You cannot return home from Canada without a skydiving experience.

So follow us and let’s check a list of the best locations from where you can start to fly.


If you travel to Ontario, you should know that Gananoque, the Gateway to the 1000 Islands, is one of the longest skydiving destinations. The view is absolutely stunning and nothing compares to the exhilaration of the free fall.


Everybody heard of the Niagara waterfall, but how many of you thought about seeing this natural wonder from above? Here are some tips:

The skydiving spot is located near Lake Eirie and the Grand River. You will have the opportunity to see the Niagara Peninsula and other beautiful views.


Your Canadian experience is not complete without viewing Montreal from above the clouds. City, water, and parks make up a remarkable panorama. And after you complete your extreme adventure, you can take your time to wander around the big city and enjoy the many things it has to offer.


You might not expect this, but if you search for the best skydiving places, they are in the British Columbia area located near Vancouver. The scenery is amazing and includes snow-capped mountains, rivers and lakes, parts of the city, or Vancouver Island.

This is surely one of the best Canadian outdoor experiences, and you should check it on your To-Do list. British Columbia will forever remain in your heart after this!

Skiing & Snowboarding in Canada

Canada has some of the top resorts for skiing and snowboarding. These well-groomed places include nice hotels and great snow parks. In the East of Canada, most of the resorts are located in Quebec while the West part of the country offers a wider range of options. Let’s check some of these top Canadian resorts.

Whistler Blackcomb

Mountains Whistler and Blackcomb combine to make the biggest ski area in North America. People from all over the world visit this area in search of the thrill.

Whistler ski resort is located in British Columbia and, it is open from November to May. Including different types of slopes difficulty, from beginner to intermediate, Whistler and Blackcomb mountains hosted several official events such as the Winter Olympics.

In case you do not practice these winter sports, please stay calm, you will not get bored in Whistler. The resort offers everything to please its customers – bars and restaurants, different events, shopping for clothing, or art galleries. Whistler competes every year for the title of the “World’s greatest ski resort”, even in 2020.


This ski resort is also located in British Columbia, and it is well-known due to its fantastic snow record. Access to the slopes is from December to April, and all this time the snow level does not disappoint.

Apart from the ski and snowboarding, you can also participate in different events like hockey games or Spring Slope Soaker. The peak dates in the resort’s activity are around Christmas and New Year.


Banff National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site that amazes any time of year. Located in Alberta, this ski and snowboard resort attracts visitors due to the wonderful scenery. Offering long runs and terrain for all ability levels,  this location offers a truly Canadian experience, so make sure you travel here.

Banff has everything – 8,000 acres downhill, breath-taking scenery, and many accommodation options.

Rock Climbing in Canada

From coast to coast, Canada has many rock climbing spots where one can satisfy the need for a thrill. It is hard to choose the perfect spot so the best idea is to go on a trip of several days and visit them all. Both beginners and experienced climbers can find everything they desire: big walls, multi-pitch routes, and many more. Follow us to learn some of the best climbing locations across Canada.


Squamish is the best location for climbing in Canada. Located close to Vancouver, British Columbia, it is a popular spot for climbers although it is crowded sometimes. However, it worth going on a trip there.

The Chief, a 2,000-foot monolith that towers over the city, has a multitude of traditional multi-pitch climbs. Anyone can find their way to the top if they are willing to travel a bit.

It has a long climbing season and many other things to do during rainy or hot days – kiteboarding, paddleboarding, and a warm lake to swim.


Located close to Golden, British Columbia, Bugaboos is the best alpine trad climbing in Canada. Visiting this location requires extensive mountain knowledge as access to most routes involves glacier travel. You might not need consent, but it is risky to try it out without experience. Either way, it is the perfect way to start a journey in the Canadian wilderness and see its wonders.

The scenery is absolutely stunning and you will live the experience of your life. The best locations for climbing are Snowpatch, East Ridge of Bugaboo Spire, Sunshine Crack, and the list continues. Let’s see what other places we have on the menu!


Close to Lake Louise, Canmore offers many good climbing opportunities – the incredible Grand Sentinel, the new Apollo route, or the East Ridge of Mount Temple. The best time to visit is from June to October and it has all the climbing levels one can wish for.

Niagara Escarpment

In case you want to climb in the East of Canada, a good spot to start your adventure is the Niagara Escarpment. This location is close to Toronto, so considering a few days climbing trip well worth doing.

Adventure Sports in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver and the surrounding area is the perfect place for extreme sports athletes. With lakes, mountains, and national parks, this area is a true paradise for adventure activities. But what can you do in Vancouver?

Located in the Northern Vancouver area, Whistler mountain, in particular, is well-known around the world for skiing and snowboarding resorts. Bobsledding events take place at Whistler Sliding Centre, the world’s fastest ice track.

However, after the snow melts, the bikers start to travel to this area. Mountain biking is a highly appreciated sport in Canada and around the world. Best terrains are found around Mount Fromme, Mount Seymour, and Cypress Mountain.

Paragliding gives a surreal view of Grouse Mountain, Cleveland Park, and the Pemberton area. If you travel to British Columbia, paragliding is one of the things to try.

Located in a bay on the Howe Sound, Squamish has unique weather conditions that provide a consistent wind flow from May to September. Due to this feature, this location has become a world-class kiteboarding destination. If you like this sport, add Squamish to the list of places to travel to.

If you are passionate about bungee jumping, British Columbia has two locations close to Vancouver: a bridge over Cheakamus and WildPlay Element Park in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. British Columbia is awesome for a good adrenaline rush!

Getting Involved in Extreme Sports

In case you consider practicing extreme sports, you should know several important aspects.

One of the most important factors is motivation. What makes you choose a risky adventure instead of a “normal” sport? Are you aware of the danger and the risks involved? Are you willing to take this chance? Search for information and get as many details as possible before leaving your home and start an extreme travel.

If you have the answer to the above questions, the next factor that may influence your choice is the budget. In most cases, you need to have the required funds to be able to buy the necessary equipment and pay for the travel fees. Quite often, you will need different expensive types of gear. For example, the paragliding minimum equipment costs up to $6,000.

Another concern that comes with extreme sports is personal life insurance. Many companies will not cover extreme sports under standard travel insurance. Before starting your journey, make sure you purchase a health insurance plan that includes adventure sports.

If all the above were considered and sorted, all you need to do is to choose your adrenaline rush activity and pack your stuff for the Canadian experience. Get ready to travel!

How to Choose an Extreme Sport

After you sorted the financial details, you must decide what is the best extreme activity for your personality. For example, those that are afraid of heights will avoid being involved in extreme sports implying flying or climbing.

Also, time and availability are important factors. In Canada, there are some great choices when it comes to adventure sports but not all of them are available in every region of this country. Winter sports are highly appreciated by people however you must wait for the right season to travel.

Before really investing in one of these activities, it is important to give it a few tries. Taking lessons and proper training will become a priority too.

The Canadian tourism industry offers a wide range of activities fit for beginners and family trips. Start your Canadian extreme journey by booking one of the available tours.

Final Thoughts

Canada is a dream destination for everybody. Either visiting the beautiful cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, or going on a wild trip, this country will not disappoint you. You can go on a trip with your loved ones or you can start an extreme adventure by yourself. Just leave your home and get to know Canada and its adventurous offerings.

Climbing in Tumbler Rockies or watching whales from the western coast of the country, Canada has it all. You can spend days hiking and observing wildlife or you can opt for a more extreme experience such as hiking on a glacier.

To summarize, whether your passion involves flying or land sports, Canada is the best destination for a dream trip.