It is true that Canada tends to have harsh winters but when it comes to the summer months most of the provinces enjoy great weather. All of which is perfect for the many popular summer sports that are played in this country. The list of favorites expands far beyond five, but overall most will agree that these belong on the top five summer sports favorites.


Some are surprised to learn that in 1194 the Canadian government named Lacrosse as the summer national sport. (Ice hockey is the national winter sport. Although lacrosse is an old sport it only became popular during the midpoint of the 1800s. The game is played on both the pro and amateur levels.


Although golf has always been a favorite for many in Canada it has its ups and downs in popularity. In 2016 participation in this sport was double compared to the US. If one is looking at stats regarding how many people in Canada play the game the figures show that it is around 5.7 million participants.


If one wonders just how popular football is in Canada it just means looking at some of the news resources who dedicate a lot of resources to this sport. It is played on a national level. Some feel that the Canadian colleges and Universities don’t put as much importance on it for the youth players liked the US does.


The organization that plays the main role in baseball in Canada is Baseball Canada organization. There are pro teams as well as many amateur leagues. But, baseball in Canada is one of those family orientated sports. It is very common to see groups of families enjoying a game of baseball in the local parks.


Basketball in Canada has really grown in popularity over the last few years. This is good news for both the pros and the amateurs. Many of the Canadian schools utilize this sport as one to get larger groups of kids involved.

It is difficult to choose the summer sports because there are several others that are very close in popularity like the ones named here. For example, tennis is one and fishing is another. In any event, when it comes to sports in Canada, there is no shortage of options or opportunities to participate.

Although Canadian sports are important to the country on many different levels they are particularly important for the Canadian children. There are many organizations that donate a great deal of money to different children’s sports leagues. The goal is to see that every child can have opportunity to participate in a sport during their childhood years. Canada recognizes that some of these are the athletes of the future.